Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mac Mini Core Duo

I have taken a dive into a new mac-intel. More specifically I have bought the new Mac Mini Core Duo. Even though I have yet to received the order, I am excited to finally set up the Mac Mini as my media centre. When the original Mac Mini first came out I had already thought it would fit in perfectly for my media solution, but it was just short on a few things like speed and lack of a good media interface. The new version changed all that.

It has all the things I need and it will fit nicely into the decor for any lounge for that matter. The wireless connection to the network and web, Front Row to drive photos, music, movies and DVDs from a remote control, DVI out for my DVI-ready plasma, great as an extra computer and fast enough for most applications I would use in the lounge.

I will give a full review once I have received my custom built Mac Mini. I have add a 1gb of RAM and up the hard disk to 100gb, so this delayed the order for 2 weeks. So stay tune in a couple of weeks for my insights.


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