Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Web Essentials 2005

After a few days to take in all the inspiration, great ideas, new profound directions and amazing web speakers, I can finally blog about Web Essentials 2005. I just totally love the whole conference. If nothing else, it rejuvenated my love for the web and what it stood for.

Last year was a real eye opener, I can't remember since when did Australia had such access to these presenters. This year was totally different again, in a very good way. The "tao" of 2004 was opening the gates to many designers, developers and webbies. This time around we a lot more high caliber speakers such as Jeffrey Veen, Molly E. Holzschlag, Eric Meyer, Kelly Goto, Douglas Bowman and so many more good speakers.

John Allsopp and the rest of the fabulous WE05 organisers and support staff were great in so many ways. They made the event totally friendly, charged the audience with energy and made everything as seemless as possible. Even when there were problems, it would be resolved. The perfect example is the undue evacuation from the presentation by Tantek Celik on The Elements of Meaningful XHTML . Cheers to you guys. Great job!

Along the way I meet more people who were just as enthused as I was discussing the web and what we do to make things better. This was the invaluable aspect of the conference gather people across all states and internationally as far as Finland. I'm going to have catch with everyone I met hopefully join into a local Melbourne web scene.

To Web Essentials 2006, as I look forward to even better web standards, ideas and technology.