Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rich Communist

The black and white differences of capitalism and communism is getting blurred. We now have China, a proud communist country out "capitalising" its opponents. It is simply distorted the views of pure utopia ideology of socialism and bridge the booming capitalistic economic to be the factory to the world. I bet no one can't say they have nothing made from China. Now as a twist of communist evolution, some chinese people are reaping the benefits as a community. In China's richest village, peasants are all shareholders now - by order of the party

Moving Post No.2

The move is getting more and more complex. The cost is also getting more expensive as well. Think about it folks. Packing all the belongings and limiting which ones to keep or trash makes moving all the more difficult. I have limited my move to 15 boxes not including furniture. Believe me, 15 boxes is quite limiting after 28 years of living. Simple living have never been so complex. For example, I have so many books I need to keep (professionally and personally) its not funny. Other items like clothing can be managed and reduced by donations.

I think it gets harder and harder to move as you get older. Last time I moved was 5 years ago and it was much easier. Major difference is that I had less stuff. This time around, I am having to decide what to move, trash, or store. Can your life be packed into a number of boxes?