Thursday, April 07, 2005

Time for change

In the next month or so I will be moving to Melbourne permanently. The path seem unclear but one thing for sure is that its a change. Changes are good for the pure reason you will gain something from a different environment. One fact that I really live on is the Buddhist view on impermanence. Nothing in life is permanent. Absolutely nothing. Once anyone understands that, then they can be a bit happier and move on.

People move all the time. For work, education, love, family or just for the sake of moving. I tend to stay at a place and feel content. But that contentment is a mere illusion as change wheels around you. Everyone needs to grow and keep evolving, otherwise time leaves you by the way side. Just like when we are kids, we want to grow older and free to live our own lives. By the time you get to the next stage, another appears before you and again you will strive for it. As you can see, changes can be in your control but sometimes its out of your control.

Now, when I talk about change, its not just about moving. It can be emotional, mental, relationships or social. Its whatever your next stage of change that lies before you. I feel I am at the point of that stage. The need to change further has many reasons, but for me its the wheel of time that pushes me. For those who are thinking of change, whatever form it maybe, do not delve on it. Take hold and embrace change, as you will see the gain more than the lost.