Thursday, March 10, 2005

Holiday ends with Fever

I have been sick. Very, very sick. In fact I am still recovering from a cough. It all started in Bangkok two weeks ago. During the day trip to the beautiful Grand Palace, I had a heat stroke. I feel unwell but it did not stop me travelling on. By the time I got back to KL two days later, the fever began to heat up. I went to see a doctor getting medication for fever, antibiotics and others so I might get better. It was going to get worse. The next day I was so hot, I swear my brains were boiling. I was hallucinating and sweating by the time my temperature peaked. I had to go back to the doctor and getting a fever injection. That reduced the fever and started recovering.

By the time I got back to Brisbane, I had developed a bad cough coming from my inflamed throat which started the initial fever. The third trip to the doctors here gave me my current rounds of antibiotics and cough medicine. I am recovering very slowly, and all this time I felt totally lethargic and weak. The fact that now my girlfriend is also sick with an inflamed throat and had a fever meant it is infectious. She looked after me from KL to Brisbane, so she had the greatest contact with me. I am now worried if she will recover soon. It pains me to see that I have some how inflicted my suffering to her as well.

Alas, the lack of posts is due to these unfortunate events. I will update my travels as soon as I get much better.