Saturday, January 22, 2005

Where are you Tyler Durden?

Brad Pitt maybe getting divorced, but Tyler would certainly have not gotten married in the first place. The idealistic entity that is Tyler makes anti-consumerism, anti-globalisation convincing to many. Charismatically leading a life of statement which was focused and direct seem to attract followers. Although fictional there are others real historical figures which are "Tylersique", namely people with strong believes and in a time when they have the alternate answers to the system. Mao Zheng Dong, Che Guevara, Albert Einstein, Vladimir Lenin, George Washington, Jesus Christ, Buddha Shakyamuni, Prophet Muhammad, Alexander the Great, Qin Huang-Di, Genghis Khan, Plato and the list goes on.

Good or evil, these people all have strong beliefs that brought them followers and support. They may not have been the historical figures we see them now if it weren't for their charismatic, idealistic and determined character. Revolution; whether in culture, nations, beliefs, politics or science, came from alternate ideas that challenge embedded systems. Government do not like changes, corporations do not like changes, and most people do not like changes. Therefore, without revolutions, some changes cannot be brought forward. So where are our Tyler Durdens today? Its not George W. Bush nor is it Osama Bin Laden. Where are you Tyler Durden?

Friday, January 21, 2005

Harder to find Emptiness

The more I work in these creative industries (Having worked in advertising, video games, Internet, and branding), the more I feel I have moved away from my beliefs. Every year I need to upgrade my Mac and PC with better performance or newer models. Then there is the monthly in take of design magazines, industry publications, plus other creative fuel. Not least, there is my need to keep up with personal technology. I have all the gadgets and more.

As I have so clearly stated, these are all materials I do not need to live or be good at what I do. So why do I keep consuming? I don't really know. Maybe its a guy thing or maybe I am sucked up in the lot of advertising jargon I help develop. Who really need a branded Louis Vuitton hand bag costing thousands? Why buy a 17" Apple Powerbook when a generic Dell laptop PC can do relatively the same job for less? DVDs, iPods, Xbox, PSP, plasma TV, digital cameras and the list goes on.

Are we as a society become so driven to status and self-satisfaction? I'm sure Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs helps explain some part of our psychological behaviourial needs and wants. But what I fail to understand is that why most of us (me included) fail to control our needs to basics. Just because we can doesn't mean we should. Nor is what I want I shall attain/own/beg/borrow/steal. I cannot halt my consumption as I am a hipocrite. My plans of purchasing a new digital camera, holidaying overseas and eating the best foods are the proof of my hipocrisy. Just maybe we are all too self-satifying for our own good. Back to watch Fight Club again then.

Digital Camera Hunt, Part 2

Getting really close to choosing the Canon Powershot G6. Posted by Hello

I had a look at it last night at a couple of camera shops (Harvey Norman & Ted's Cameras) and the lowest price there was AUD $1000. Kinda off my budget if I had to buy it here. I believe I could get the price under AUD $600 when I'm in Malaysia next month. If so, I will be extremely happy.

Change of Empty Path

Update: Just recently renamed this blog to be more relevant as no one knows what Spraed Words was. Empty Path is more relative to what the content is about. Path to Nothingness.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Digital Camera Hunt

I am current looking for a new digital camera which I'll be buying during my holidays next month. I've been trying to sort out which ones to buy and have narrowed down to either Canon or Sony brands (Purely because I used both before and liked their quality, Nikon would be my preference if I had the budget!).

My requirements are basically portability (actually fits into my pants pocket), high quality images and good manual function (for creative purposes). After going through several digital camera specialist websites for info ( is pretty good), the models I have in my range are;
I'm going towards either S70 or P150. The G6 is actually the camera I want but the size makes it to cumbersome for anywhere-type usage. Does anyone have any recommendations?

The Book of Five Rings

Just been reading The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi (recommended translation by William Scott Wilson). Written for samurais in the 1600s, this short book uncovers the Way to achieve true goals physically and psychologically. Its by no way easy as it pretty much strictly describe as the lone path. Musashi never lost a fight in over sixty bouts within the age of 16 to early 30s. That alone must prove something. Let me know if you have also read the book.

Musashi's very Zen Buddhist approach is difficult and harsh but I can its rewards. I highly recommend this to those passionate about their work. Its an uncomprising yet positive approach to attaining the ultimate goal.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Step 1. How to create a faux nebula

Step 1. Start an new file with white background and a new layer. Use a larger faded brush and stroke diagonally and applied with Cloud first and then Difference Cloud to create the nebula cloud effect.

Step 3. How to create a faux nebula

Step 3. For the background space, make sure a black layer is create beneath the first layer with Monochrome Noise added and darken to achieve the image step above. Play with Transparencies of the cloud layers and fine tuning it.

Step 2. How to create a faux nebula

Step 2. Add new layer on top. Again using the brush to shape and apply Cloud/Difference Cloud to achieve this. Apply Difference Cloud several times to get that "nebula look", but don't over do it.

Step 4. How to create a faux nebula

Step 4. Apply colours with Hue/Saturation and add additional layer colour overlays for desired nebula type.

Step 5. How to create a faux nebula

Step 5. Insert some white dots in varying sizes to simulate stars and galaxies.

Step 6. How to create a faux nebula

PhotoShop Nebula - Final image with overlayed blur copy of itself to remove sharness for that "Telescope-Look".

Belate French Dinner Photos

Here are some very late 2003 photos at Le Classic, French restuarant. Appr├ęciez.

A Very Belated Post - Nina and James Posted by Hello

A Very Belated Post - James at his "best" Posted by Hello

A Very Belated Post - Kain, Yandra and Nat Posted by Hello

A Very Belated Post - 2003 French dinner with friends. Posted by Hello

My First Blog

Hello Blog-World! Since this is my first blog, I will differentiate this blog site and my own website. This is a personal blog site and the is my creative/professional site.
I'll see how often I get to blog/sprae my thought.