Monday, August 22, 2005

Death of a PowerBook & Podcasting

First thing. I have been a total lazy bug. My blogs have been totally out and stopped for a month since I wrote my last piece. Total apologies. You will know why it took so long soon.

So what have I been doing all this time? Part of it is my time has been the death of my 17" 1.33ghz PowerBook I got in December 2004. It was devastating to lose my favourite laptop after something out of my control. One minute I was in a meeting and when I return to my desk its dead. The beautiful 17" LCD screen was totally scrambled. After much testing and advice from authorised Apple repairers, the logic board has VRAM corruption. It now scrambles all my video output (yes that includes all video-out).

OK, I'll try and fix it. Maybe not. The cost of repair is over $2000 Australian dollars. Total shock and disgust with the 4-figure cost. There is no way I am going to fork out $2000 for a fault appearing totally out of thin air. For that money I might as well buy a new one or put it into a investment account to buy the planned Apple-Intel PowerBook. So now I have no working Mac since I also sold my G4 6-months ago. Now, I've been force to go back to my old PC and wait until next for the new PowerBook. Sad, sad predicament for a creative and lost of respect and dissappointment with Apple hardware.

On a lighter note, even without my PowerBook, I have been enjoying some great podcasting. Audio-on-demand is such a good idea. Its like blogging but with audio and anyone with a decent recording gear can doing. Here are some of the stuff I've been listening to;
If you've got iTunes, you can start straight away and subscribe to them. Find it in the Music Store under Podcast.

If you too are listening podcasts. What are your favourites? Let me know as I would love to check out other cool podcast.


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