Monday, July 18, 2005

Return of the Blogger, Relationships and Melbourne Life...

Firstly, please let me apologies for non-blogging for so long. I have been out of touch with many people after my move. Things have finally been settling down for me and my partner. The place we are renting has had many issues but is now finally sorted. My ADSL issues is also solved with much increase in speed due to iiNet's DSLAM access. Otherwise, I have been busy organising home, especially this is the first time I have moving in with my partner. Hence merging two lifestyles is a challenging prospect.

Overall its been good to finally work on our relationship and create a life together. People say that when you get married, I say that happens as soon as you get together with someone. To some extend, all relationship start on the very first meeting and grow (or not) from that point. I have to admit there have been difficult challenges but we work on it and openly discuss issues. None of us are perfect so I won't expect any relationships to be either. Its all about understanding and communications, but commitment and sacrifices are keys to many resolutions.

The move to Melbourne also made a big shift for me. The weather for one takes getting used to. I have accepted its chaotic cycles and extreme temperatures, but my partner is still struggling with the dry cold winds. Might take her much longer to accept the weather as she has to endure more public transport than I do. But one thing that we really like about Melbourne is the diversity of markets and foods. Our lives revolves around cooking, eating and shopping for food. Everything here has good standards and competitive pricing makes most things affordable.

Finally, as I am starting to get back into swing of things, expect a lot more blogging.


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