Friday, May 20, 2005

E3 & Smoke and Mirrors - MS style...

With all the hype and excitement surrounding this year's E3. I have been avidly following the big launch of Xbox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Revolution. Being the owner of all previous three consoles, I definitely will only be purchasing two of these new console, maybe even one. These HD, terafloppin' console are way and beyond the power of the current PCs, which makes future gaming even more exciting. Killzone 2 for PS3 looks particularly amazing, and some have argued that its a fake.

Xbox 360's so-called demo box was revealed to be running on 2 Apple G5 and a desk fan. Big smoke and mirrors here as the least they can do is hide it better. Geez...

This is still pretty funny, since when have MS been a touted user of Apple desktops?


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