Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Something Silly

Last Good Friday, I caught up with quite a few people at a dinner. A friend had came up from Melbourne and we booked into a nice Vietnamese restaurant. The whole night was all good food and nice conversations until someone told a story about seeing an episode of Ed where he drank a whole bottle of maple syrup from a $10 dare. So there I was thinking that is highly possible and said I could do it too.

What happend next was pretty obvious. After several dares, betting stakes and brief rules were sorted out, a bottle of 375ml "artificial" maple syrup was presented to me. By that time many disasterous thoughts came to mind and with much hesitation I acted out my claim. It was straight forward. I drank the whole bottle in a single long, gulping effort. Everyone was staring at by that stage with pure amazement, disgust or both. It was not that bad at all. It was sweet and man was it filling. By that time I have had a full banquet of food and by downing a bottle of syrup at the end really top it off. I was so full but what mattered was I won the dare and proved my claim. I probably wouldn't do it again and I don't recommend it to anyone else either, but I stood by my words prove it and, more critically, survived.


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