Friday, February 04, 2005

Chinese Relationships

Recently I have been thinking of moving in with my girlfriend. Its a complex issue especially if you are from a Chinese background. We both are quite traditional in the sense that we should be engaged or married before living together. But we both know its not likely to happen soon as we both believe marriage and engagements should be properly held, which would incur large sums of money. Hence we need to share our resources and start saving by living together. We believe we can save up for our future much easier this way.

But there is the problem of our parents, who may not like the idea. If our families were western, that would not be an issue at all. Traditionalistic Chinese parents are more like to judge and god knows what their relatives and friends are going to gossip about. Its not so bad for the guy, but my other half will be seen as not doing the right thing and lesser than she was. I feel its wrong but there is nothing we can do about it. Here you go, a nano-insight to the complexity for Chinese relationships.


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