Saturday, January 22, 2005

Where are you Tyler Durden?

Brad Pitt maybe getting divorced, but Tyler would certainly have not gotten married in the first place. The idealistic entity that is Tyler makes anti-consumerism, anti-globalisation convincing to many. Charismatically leading a life of statement which was focused and direct seem to attract followers. Although fictional there are others real historical figures which are "Tylersique", namely people with strong believes and in a time when they have the alternate answers to the system. Mao Zheng Dong, Che Guevara, Albert Einstein, Vladimir Lenin, George Washington, Jesus Christ, Buddha Shakyamuni, Prophet Muhammad, Alexander the Great, Qin Huang-Di, Genghis Khan, Plato and the list goes on.

Good or evil, these people all have strong beliefs that brought them followers and support. They may not have been the historical figures we see them now if it weren't for their charismatic, idealistic and determined character. Revolution; whether in culture, nations, beliefs, politics or science, came from alternate ideas that challenge embedded systems. Government do not like changes, corporations do not like changes, and most people do not like changes. Therefore, without revolutions, some changes cannot be brought forward. So where are our Tyler Durdens today? Its not George W. Bush nor is it Osama Bin Laden. Where are you Tyler Durden?


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