Friday, January 21, 2005

Harder to find Emptiness

The more I work in these creative industries (Having worked in advertising, video games, Internet, and branding), the more I feel I have moved away from my beliefs. Every year I need to upgrade my Mac and PC with better performance or newer models. Then there is the monthly in take of design magazines, industry publications, plus other creative fuel. Not least, there is my need to keep up with personal technology. I have all the gadgets and more.

As I have so clearly stated, these are all materials I do not need to live or be good at what I do. So why do I keep consuming? I don't really know. Maybe its a guy thing or maybe I am sucked up in the lot of advertising jargon I help develop. Who really need a branded Louis Vuitton hand bag costing thousands? Why buy a 17" Apple Powerbook when a generic Dell laptop PC can do relatively the same job for less? DVDs, iPods, Xbox, PSP, plasma TV, digital cameras and the list goes on.

Are we as a society become so driven to status and self-satisfaction? I'm sure Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs helps explain some part of our psychological behaviourial needs and wants. But what I fail to understand is that why most of us (me included) fail to control our needs to basics. Just because we can doesn't mean we should. Nor is what I want I shall attain/own/beg/borrow/steal. I cannot halt my consumption as I am a hipocrite. My plans of purchasing a new digital camera, holidaying overseas and eating the best foods are the proof of my hipocrisy. Just maybe we are all too self-satifying for our own good. Back to watch Fight Club again then.


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